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buying clothes that aren’t black is hard

Anonymous: Wait a sec though please!

Waiting? lol

Anonymous: I'm sure it's not you, it's more than likely my ask. I'm sorry. I'll try to talk to you tomorrow maybe.

This worked… but you should just come off anon. Good night though. lol

I’m not getting any questions. I’m turning my anon off. It’s not working anyway. Be brave. lol

Anonymous: Oh I thought that cause you never answered my other question. Did it go through?

No, I didn’t get anything else. That’s why I was confused. I’m through with the anons though for the night. There getting weird, but you’re welcome to come off anon at any time. lol

Anonymous: I'll take that sigh as a no....I'm sorry. I really didn't know.

No need to be sorry. That sigh has nothing to do with anything. Come off anon. Whoever you are.